This move will have following effects:

1) Banks will be flushed with casa deposit
2) Inflation will come down
3) Gold will see value
4) Rupee will regain its value
5) Humans will value money
6) Real estates will see price correction which was long overdue
7) Non performing assets will increase at bank level but manageable. Mostly real estate and related sectors.
8) Consumer goods sales will see slack demand
9) Indian gdp will show real picture- probably 9-10% which is the actual potential
10) Education will get cheaper as it wil become a costly game to accept black money henceforth
11) Digital india will shine brigt
12) Construction and other related cost will come down
11) Tax income will rise in coming days
12) GST implementation will go smooth( most imp)
13) Interest rates will further come down.
14) Banks will not need to raise funds for business for next 1-2 years.
15) More orders for mattress companies to stick cash based beds ( joke finally)
some points which came to my mind shared. Will share more:-)

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